Trendy urban district For a long time known as a typically industrial urban zone in Zurich, the district behind the railway-station of Zurich-Oerlikon (north and west from the station) has […]

Every now and then I visit the Uetliberg, Zurich’s landmark mountain, for sunrise. For the last Saturday the weather forecast was perfect: Fog in the valleys, clear sky above. So […]


I love night photography! Especially in an urban environment things change a lot if the natural light disappears and the artificial lights take control. Ugly industrial areas or building sites […]


Türlersee Was für ein wunderschöner Tag heute. Endlich wieder eine Sonne geniessen, die einem auch tatsächlich zu erwärmen vermag. Vom Schnee her zwar noch Winter (und an schattigen Stellen im […]

This blog will primarily be in German, but some of the articles I will translate into English. Not every article and not always the same volume of content but I […]