Trendy urban district

For a long time known as a typically industrial urban zone in Zurich, the district behind the railway-station of Zurich-Oerlikon (north and west from the station) has completely changed its character in the last few years.

Once you found the “big” names of Swiss Industries in Zurich-Oerlikon: BBC Brown Boveri (now ABB), Maschinen Fabrik Oerlikon MFO, Oerlikon-Bührle AG a.s.o. But in the last decades of the past century the production costs in Switzerland became too expensive; all the big players move to Asia with their factories and leaved just the administration office in Zurich.

Once they were gone, there was a huge terrain to rebuild with new architecture. Appartement houses, offices buildings, parks, open spaces, all new and exciting. My personal favorite is the MFO-Park, an award-winning project: A giant scaffold which will slowly be covered by similarly giant climbing plants. Very impressive.

MFO Park Neu-Oerlikon
MFO Park
Oerliker Park Turm Neu-Oerlikon
Oerliker Park Turm
Oerliker Park Neu-Oerlikon
Oerliker Park
Eleven 11 Neu-Oerlikon
Eleven 11
Architektur in Neu-Oerlikon
Architektur in Neu-Oerlikon
Architektur in Neu-Oerlikon
Architektur in Neu-Oerlikon

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